A Luxury Train Experience

Claire Miles
Dec 07, 2022

Have you ever hoped to experience trains such as the Hogwarts Express in real life? Well, as it seems, we may not be far from creating a similar experience in trains today. While this train may not have magic and wizards as its passengers, it sure provides a novel experience to its commuters.

For decades, trains have been used as a budget-friendly mode of transport. Even in the leading cities of the world such as New York, many of the majority use the subway as their preferred mode of transport. So, it almost seems contradictory to introduce a train that is luxurious. Nevertheless, Japan has executed this idea effortlessly. Today we will be having a brief rundown of the luxury train on the Kyoto Line.

Osaka Castle

Getty Images / Moment / Jackyenjoyphotography

Japan has launched the Kintetsu Aoniyoshi Express train in April 2022. This new sightseeing train that runs between Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto quickly gained traction due to its luxurious experience and artistic interior with modulations of a carriage design from the 1960s. The Kintetsu Express offers not only a restaurant and a bar within it but also a small garden inside the train to keep you connected to nature and greenery. The train also features picture windows with its lounge seats facing the windows to provide a more immersive and convenient sightseeing experience. If you are traveling with friends, there are a couple of sofa-styled “salon seats” to make space for better conversations while dining.

The best part of this entire experience is that you can ride this train without any hidden extra fees. The Kintetsu is decently priced for a limited deluxe trip through Japan’s three most admired locations. The only downside is that you cannot spontaneously ride on this train as it requires pre-booking and that the experience is relatively short-lived as the maximum entire trip is 80 minutes, from Osaka to Tokyo. Other than that, this is the perfect luxurious experience to enjoy!