A Hotel In Iceland Is Giving Away A Free Stay To Women Who Propose To Their Partners on Leap Day

Laura Lee
Jun 30, 2019

This Iceland hotel wants to give travelers an even more romantic vacation than anyone could dream of! The Hotel Rangá is offering women a free one-night stay if they propose to their partners on Leap Day (February 29). The Hotel Rangá is just an hour outside Rekjavik, far away from the light pollution of the city. The hotel’s wedding coordinator will help women plan to “Take the Leap,” which can be in a nature setting underneath a crystallized waterfall or arriving at the hotel via helicopter.

Afterward, the happy couple can celebrate with a complimentary breakfast, chocolate-covered strawberries, and a bottle of Champagne before heading up to the star-gazing observatory to hear love stories from Greek mythology. The hotel offers three onsite hot tubs filled with heated geothermal water where you can relax while trying to catch a glimpse of the spectacular northern lights. It’s an experience that’s unlike any other, and one that is completely unique to the Nordic country.

“Iceland in general is a big champion of women, and we love that leap year has this tradition where it’s good luck for ladies to propose marriage on this day,” Eyrún Aníta Gylfadóttir, the hotel’s marketing manager, told Travel + Leisure. “We wanted to empower women to have the courage to take the lead not only on Leap Day, but every day, and celebrate them for it! Plus, we’re located in an especially beautiful location and are a romantic choice for couples looking to pop the question, celebrate a special occasion, and enjoy an adventurous getaway.” This pretty much sounds like the most romantic vacation ever, and it would make the perfect experience for all those adventurous nature-loving couples out there. So better get ready to pop the question, ladies.