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A Celebration Of Cheesecake

Claire Miles
Sep 30, 2020

If we had a motto, it would be “dessert first.” And honestly, who could argue with that? There is truly nothing better than sinking our teeth into a freshly baked slice of cake. And while pretty much every cake offers its own unique deliciousness, there is something about cheesecake that just gets us every time and keeps us coming back for more. So, here is a small celebration of cheesecake, and all of the yummy reasons why we love it so much.

Plain And Simple


Getty Images/d3sign/Moment

Simplicity is a virtue. And while we all love a decadent, fancy, many-layered dessert, there is nothing like the simple elegance of a plain slice of cheesecake. Of course, it can’t hurt to toss some fruit slices on top, and maybe some refreshing raspberry reduction, but that’s it. Nothing else is needed. Except for a fork, of course.

All Shapes And Sizes


Getty Images/Westend61

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. We’re all familiar with this phrase, and acknowledge this as a fact about the many creatures in the world. However, it just so happens to apply to desserts as well. From family-sized cheesecakes to miniature round ones, there are so many unique ways to prepare this delicious dessert, so why not get creative?

Delicious And Nutritious


Getty Images/Gillian Vann/Moment

Okay, let’s be real, nobody eats a piece of cheesecake in order to stay fit. That just isn’t the case. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend we’re staying healthy while indulging in some of our favorite desserts. And luckily, it’s really easy to do this. All you need are some slices of strawberries or a handful of blueberries to decorate the top of your cake with. That’s already healthier than most desserts!