80s Love Songs

Claire Miles
Jun 20, 2023

Love songs of the 1980s were a reflection of the decade’s culture and trends. From upbeat pop sounds to soulful ballads, 80s love songs are some of the most memorable tunes in music history. The lyrics often told stories about relationships between lovers, friends, and family members, while also exploring topics such as heartbreak, longing, and joy. From Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston to Journey, many of today’s top artists had their start in this era. But it was more than just popular singers that made these love songs so iconic; it was their ability to capture emotions with words and melodies that resonated with audiences all over the world. 

The early part of the decade saw a rise in romantic power ballads from popular rock bands like Foreigner and Bon Jovi. These anthems explored themes such as unrequited love (“I Want To Know What Love Is” by Foreigner), devotion (“Livin’ On A Prayer” by Bon Jovi), and fidelity (“Faithfully” by Journey). Even though they may have been considered cheesy at times, these epic tracks provided solace for those dealing with heartache or searching for hope during difficult times. The later part of the decade saw a shift to more upbeat, dance-oriented sounds from artists such as Madonna and Prince. These songs featured catchy hooks and a more light-hearted take on relationships. Songs like “Crazy For You” by Madonna and “Kiss” by Prince showcased their ability to combine romance with an infectious energy that made them irresistible to dancefloors everywhere. 

The 80s also saw the emergence of R&B and soul music as a powerful force in love songs. Artists like Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, and Whitney Houston created passionate odes to true love that allowed listeners to experience the feeling of being deeply in love. Even decades later, these timeless tunes can still transport those who hear them back to the days of their first kiss or dance.