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5 Delicious Ways to Make Your Oats

Marc Gordon
Feb 06, 2022

Oats are a kitchen staple that contains large amounts of fiber, keeping you full for longer. This quality makes it an excellent food choice for those intending to lose some weight. However, some people stick with plain old oatmeal, which is tiresome to eat. To spice things up, here are five delicious ways you can make your oatmeal.

First, you can try oat pancakes. This delicious recipe is ideal for weight loss because the oatmeal serves as the flour, reducing your need for plain flour, which packs a lot of carbs. A classic oatmeal pancake involves moving bananas, dried oats, cinnamon powder, and eggs. It’s a delicious dish you can enjoy, and you don’t have to feel guilty about eating it. Another great option for weight loss programs is overnight oats. Combine your oats, strawberries, nuts, milk in a container and mix thoroughly. Pour in a bowl, and leave overnight in the fridge. It makes a deliciously easy breakfast.

 oat flakes in wooden bowl and wooden spoon.

Getty Images / Moment / Arx0nt

If you want a midday snack, try oat cookies. All you have to do is combine oats, honey, nuts, eggs, and baking powder in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Afterward, flatten them out, cut them into even shapes, and bake in the oven for 15mins. Oat smoothies are also super easy to make: combine your oats, yogurt, bananas, fruits, and cinnamon in a bowl and blend to give a thick, creamy consistency. This recipe is straightforward and keeps you full for longer.

Finally, this list can’t be complete without the classic oatmeal porridge. Combine oats with water and put on the fire, stirring it continuously until it cooks into a porridge consistency. To spice this recipe, you can add fruits of your choice like strawberries, bananas, etc., and nuts to have varying textures in your dish.
So, how about you take those oats in your pantry and try these delicious recipes out. Of course, you’ll want second servings after trying them out.